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The Exhibition Hotel is located on Bootham near the junction with Gilligate, St. Leonard’s Place and High Petergate close to the Theatre Royal, The Art Gallery and King’s Manor.

The nearest car parks are in Bootham Row (which has an exit into Miller’s Yard where there is access to the Pub Garden (The garden gate is not open on football match days); Clarence Street, which is an extension of Gilligate which also connects to Miller’s Yard, and the river end of Marygate.

From the Railway Station

There are two routes from the railway station: the quick route following cycle and footways, which takes you through the station car park on the NE quadrant of the station down the slope at the end, turning left toward the river, over the footbridge and, on the other side after coming down the steps walking toward York for 10 Yard,s turn left heading away from the river, past the car park and then straight on (slight right/left kink) up the residential street until you get to Bootham where you cross the road and turn right. The Exhibition is 100 Yards down on the left hand side.

The second route is to go out of the station main entrance, turn left toward the town centre and follow the road toward the bridge. Go over the bridge and keep going past the library until you get to the traffic lights. Turn left, following the curve of St. Leonard’s Place to the next light. Turn left here up Bootham and The Exhibition Hotel is on the Right about 60 yards up.

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