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She’s the Cultured One!

Rose Drew and Tanya Nightingale performed “She’s the Cultured One!” at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe.  The show was enjoyed by everyone who saw it. “She’s the Cultured One!” is available for performance on request.

Rose Drew tries her best to be a grown-up. She's the sort, if invited to Buckingham Palace, would manage to spill something on her trousers, trip over the carpet and then say "Crap! Oh, sorry ma'am," just as the Queen glides by. But Rose means well. Her poetry reflects her messy life: human skeletons, motherhood, death, life, religion and politics; no topic is off limits.

Tanya Nightingale is as delicate, as musical and as joyous as the bird that shares her name. Her poems are well-crafted, witty, intelligent and have won arty awards. Tanya, accustomed to proper behaviour and knowing, always, which fork to use, loves Rose but can't quite figure out how to tame her. Tanya's house is tidy; her wardrobe elegant, her manners immaculate. She is the cultured one.

Tanya Nightingale, Rose Drew Tanya Nightingale, Rose Drew